Missions - Near & Far


Mission / Acts of Compassion 

The Mission Team is responsible for supervising the development, implementation and evaluation of the mission programs of the church.

This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world.
It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives,
just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard
and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace.

                                                                                Colossians 1:6

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Operation Blessing

Operation Blessing is a South Side food pantry. Located in Crestwood, Operation Blessing is a member of the Greater Chicago Food Depository. CCC has a monthly collection of nonperishable food items. Food collection is the first Sunday of the month during Worship or can be dropped off in the collection bin located in the Narthex.

For more information contact: Jackie Bender at grandmajackie@ymail.com
or visit Operation Blessing at www.opblessing.org

Volunteering your time with Operation Blessing can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Donated time qualifies as community service and there is always a need for people to unload trucks, pack boxes, sort food, interview clients or participate in special events.

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P.A.D.S. (Public Action to Deliver Shelter)

This South Suburban shelter provides shelter and food for homeless people in the south and southwest suburbs. CCC participates in the P.A.D.S. at Sacred Heart Church in Palos Hills.

The winter program includes making a dinner and donating food items for approximately 40 people on the 2nd Friday of every month from November until April.

The summer program includes making a dinner and donating food items for approximately 25 people on the 2nd Friday of every month from May until September.

If you would be interested in leading a cook team, volunteering on a cook team or would like to donate food items for the cook team contact: Carlos Blanco at dupont941@comcast.net or visit P.A.D.S. at

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Hope & Friendship

The goal of Hope & Friendship Ministries is to help local families who are in need. This is done by allowing those who have the ability, to assist those in their own community who very much need them. In the past we have collected donations such as school supplies and household cleaning items. CCC also holds an annual Prom Dress Resale where girls who need a dress for prom can come and purchase a like-new dress for under $25. The proceeds go to benefit the Hope & Friendship families who need assistance.

For more information contact: Jackie Bender at grandmajackie@ymail.com

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Mission Team Work Day


Through out the year CCC plans a WorkDay in Lemont/Homer Glen and congregational members’ home areas. This day is meant to help those who are elderly, disabled or single-parents, who may have difficulty in doing some maintenance tasks in their home. Tasks such as cleaning gutters, washing the outside of windows, small roof repairs, painting, yard clean-up, small electrical or plumbing projects or repairs, etc. Projects are wrapped up in a half-day or less. All "teams" are balanced with different skill levels so don't feel like you have to know a trade to help.

For more information contact: Lisa Applegate

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Our Adult Mission Trip journeys to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Re-Member began in 1998 placing bunk beds in homes. Since housing is a major issue on the reservation many homes are overcrowded with as many as 20 people living in as little as 400 square-foot homes. Re-Member has placed over 4,000 bunk beds. Today, while still receiving over 300 request for bunk beds each year, Re-Member is now taking on home rehabilitation projects. The poverty on Pine Ridge can be described in no other way than "third world". The counties that comprise Pine Ridge are the poorest in our nation. While working hard you will experience the awesome beauty that is the Oglala Lakota Oyate (people). You will find yourself learning their history, hearing the stories from the Lakota staff and speakers and traveling throughout Pine Ridge.

For more information contact Carlos Blanco at dupont941@comcast.net or visit the Re-Member website at www.re-member.org

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Worldwide Mission

 Wendy's Kids

Wendy’s Kids is a program in which the Mission Team sponsors the 7th grade class through Empowering Lives International.

The congregation saves coins throughout the year and we collect the money quarterly in jars entitled, “Change for Christ”.

The jars are available in the church office. Take one home and join in this ministry!!



CCC supports a number of International Missionaries through the Reformed Church in America and Empowering Lives International.

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Al & Sue Schreuder
Location: Chiapas, Mexico
Ministry:  Leadership Training
Partner:   National Presbyterian Church of Mexico 




Al trains leaders for the rapidly growing Tzotzil church, teaching pastors and lay leaders and preparing teaching materials in their native dialects. He also helps coordinate the paramedic training ministry and serves as liaison between the RCA and Ch'ol-speaking church leaders.

For more information about the Schreuders visit www.rca.org/schreuder

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Wendy Ludovici-Twycross
Location: Kenya
Ministry:  Leadership Development
Partner:   Empowering Lives International 

Wendy currently serves as the project director for the Dynamic Business Start-Up Program (DBSP Kenya). DBSP Kenya provides outcome-based foundational business trainings and aftercare support to entrepreneurially-motivated persons, particularly those from an economically disadvantaged background, so that they are able to improve or establish their own viable, sustainable business. Wendy is responsible for raising up, developing, and managing a team of Kenyan trainer/facilitators for the courses.

For information visit www.wendyludovici.com

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Shelvis & Nancy Smith-Mather
Location: South Sudan
Ministry:  Peace Educator
Partner:   RECONCILE



Shelvin and Nancy Smith-Mather will be working with RECONCILE (Resource Centre for Civil Leadership) which is an indigenous ecumenical Christian organization established in March 2004 by a national church council.  It promotes peace building by providing training in trauma recovery, conflict transformation and civic education.  RECONCILE's activities are in areas of high inter-ethnic conflict, with the churches often being the typical point of entry into these communities.  Shelvis and Nancy will be principal of the Peace Institute which offers three month courses in community based trauma healing, peace studies and conflict transformation.

For more information about the Smith-Mathers visit www.rca.org/smith-mather


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John Paul & Kathryn Sundararajan
Location: North America and Asia
Ministry:  Recording and Distribution of Audio Scriptures
Partner:   Audio Scripture Ministries



J.P. and Katy Sundararajan serve with Audio Scripture Ministries, J.P. as India-Asia director and Katy as India-Asia administrative coordinator. They work in India and other parts of Asia, helping local organizations give non-readers access to the Bible in their own language. They also spend time in North America, speaking at church gatherings about the work of audio Scripture recording and distribution. "We feel that God has called us to be cultural interpreters for groups of people in these two contexts," they say.

For more information about the Sundararajan's visit www.rca.org/sundararajan


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Mark and Deb Wilson
Location: Cambodia
Ministry:  Theological education, leadership formation
Partner:   Food for the Hungry, Phnom Penh Bible School, and the Theological Education by Extension Association Cambodia

Mark Wilson will work with Cambodian church leaders to design and implement a curriculum that will help pastors, lay leaders, and students understand and carry out missional ministry. Deb Wilson will study the Cambodian language and then use her gifts and experience to strengthen the church leaders in Cambodia. Both Mark and Deb have previously served extensively in Cambodia.

For more information about the Wilson's visit www.rca.org/wilson


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